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Slitting machine MRX-FT300

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  • Release date:2020-07-30 17:28:40
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Product name: Slitting machine MRX-FT300         soft pack battery equipment

The electric slitting machine can be applied to the precision slitting process of lithium ion battery positive and negative plates. Chip feeding, upper and lower circular knife slitting, electric drive, slitting width can be adjusted according to adjusting spacer.  



*Adjustable guide device for feeding positioning

*Using electric rolling and slitting method;

*The amount of engagement can be adjusted;

*Upper and lower blades are at the same speed, synchronous transmission;

*The hob is equipped with a plexiglass protection device for safe operation;

*Open-type hob fixing method is convenient for hob disassembly;

*High cutting precision and reliable work;


technical parameter

*Cutting knife type: upper and lower round knife cut

*Cutter width: 20~300mm

*Distribution of knife interval: 56±0.1mm, 56±0.1mm, 56±0.1mm, 58±0.1mm, 58±0.1mm. 58±0.1mm.

*Can be cut thickness: 80-300μm battery pole piece

*The amount of knife eaten: the hand wheel is adjustable 0.2-0.4mm

*Cutter diameter: 100mm

*Cutter material: ultra-fine alloy steel

*Width adjustment: spacer adjustment

*Slitting speed: <2m/min, adjustable knob

*Power supply: AC220V/50Hz

*Power: 0.5KW

*Dimensions: length 840 × width 600 × height 310 (mm)

*Weight: about 90KG;


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