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Pneumatic trimming machine MRX-QP-200

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  • Release date:2020-07-30 17:32:14
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Product name: Pneumatic trimming machine MRX-QP-200       

It is mainly suitable for trimming and forming of aluminum-plastic film of soft packaging lithium batteries , and also for cutting other soft materials.



*Shangyin linear slide rail group is used for guiding, with high guiding precision to ensure zero clearance between upper and lower cutters and long service life;

*The upper and lower cutters are made of high-speed steel, with sharp blades;

*Built-in pressure gauge, can observe and accurately control the size of trimming pressure;

*The cylinder controls the cutter to trim the battery edge, which is easy to be automated, and the trimming width can be adjusted;

*The trimming air pressure and speed can be set and adjusted;

*Set the product positioning tray to facilitate the positioning and placement of the battery;

*Adopt foot pedal operation switch, which is reliable, convenient and fast;

*The frame is assembled with profiles and baking varnish sealing plates, the equipment structure is simple, compact, and the appearance is exquisite and beautiful;


technical parameter

*Cutter length: 300mm

*Cutting width: 2~10mm margin can be adjusted

*Cutter life: 10 million times/grinding

*Speed: Air pressure 600 times/hour

*Power: AC220V/50Hz Power: 100W

*Air compressed air source: 0.5Mpa~0.7Mpa

*Dimensions: L325x W200x H350mm

*Equipment weight: 45Kg


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