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Lithium battery equipment tells you how to maintain the lithium battery charger?

2019-05-22 11:40:18

We know that lithium batteries  are the energy source of mobile products and the power of mobile products. Without battery power, mobile products are just a piece of scrap iron, a high-capacity and high-performance battery, which can not only provide mobile products with long-term battery life, but also It can protect the circuits of mobile products, so that mobile products can work efficiently for a long time. For our players, the performance of the battery has been qualitative when it leaves the factory. The size of the battery and the performance are all It is determined by the battery itself. In this respect, we cannot change it artificially, but this does not mean that after we get the battery, we cannot do anything about it.


      Many users use lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. When the stored power is used up, they need to be recharged to supplement the power. Don't underestimate the charging process. A good charger and correct charging method can maintain the battery's long standby time and extend the battery's service life. Regarding how to charge and maintain the method correctly, after a period of practical use and reference, Dongguan Shipai Fuyuan Electronics Factory Lithium Battery Charger 3300 summarizes the following points:


     1. Before the lithium battery leaves the factory, the manufacturer will activate and pre-charge the battery, so the battery has surplus electricity. The newly purchased mobile phone battery is a lithium-ion battery, so the first 3 to 5 recharges are called the adjustment period and should be charged for more than 14 hours , To ensure full activation of lithium ion activity. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, but they are very inert. They should be fully activated to ensure the best performance in future use.



     2. There are many users who leave their mobile products on during charging. During the charging process, the battery discharges outwards due to the use of mobile products, and power is supplied inwards due to the charging of the battery. This is likely to cause The voltage disturbance causes the circuit board of the mobile product to heat up, causing damage to the internal parts of the mobile product.


     3. Before charging, the lithium battery does not need to be discharged, nor can it be discharged. The current lithium battery chargers have no discharge function. If the charging speed can be adjusted, it is recommended that you charge as slowly as possible when charging. Fast charging method; neither slow charging nor fast charging should take longer than 24 hours. Otherwise, the battery is likely to burn out the cells due to the huge electron current generated by the long-term power supply.


      4. Some automated smart fast chargers actually only indicate that they are 90% full when the indicator lights change. At this time, the battery is protected by the protection board to prevent the current from overcharging, and the charger will automatically change to charge the battery at a slow speed. Don't cut off the power of the charger immediately, but also give the battery a period of time to recharge the battery. Fully charge the battery before using it, otherwise it will shorten the use time.



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