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    Shenzhen mingruixiang automation equipment Co., Ltd is an industrial automation equipment manufacturer integrating product design and development, manufacturing, sales and engineering services. The company’s main products arelaboratory equipment , lithium battery equipment , polymer battery equipment , glove box purification System,super capacitor equipment . Especially in the research and development and manufacturing of automatic production equipment such as battery experimental equipment , super capacitor equipment , polymer soft-pack battery equipment , inert gas glove box and so on.


     The company’s engineers and technicians have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of industrial automation equipment, adhering to the professional philosophy of specialization in the technical industry, and the most valuable technology: continuous upgrading and transformation centered on "easy operation and quality improvement", relying on high-quality talents , Complete quality management system, excellent pre-sales and after-sales service system, dedicated to provide customers with first-class high-tech products and quality services, and have been widely recognized and applied by many well-known companies at home and abroad.


     At the beginning of its establishment, the company has increased investment in technology research and development year by year. At the same time, it has kept up with market hotspots in business ideas, aimed at technological high points, seized the key points of customers, constantly reflected on its own weaknesses, accepted user opinions humbly, and continuously improved service quality. Customers provide high-quality and fast service.Creating value for customers, bringing benefits to the company, and seeking benefits for employees are our management philosophy for continuous operation.



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