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Automatic vacuum drying system

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  • Release date:2020-07-31 10:35:08
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Product name: automatic vacuum drying system            automatic vacuum dryer

main feature:

*Using a square vacuum box, the capacitors are placed vertically, the heating distances are equal and balanced, and the 6 vacuum boxes work without interference. N channels can be selected to work, and the pressure and temperature in each tank are detected and displayed.

*Automatic control system: you can set constant temperature and holding time, over-temperature value, vacuum and pressure-holding time, replenishment and delay time, replenishment safety pressure value, each function of each section can be selected whether to start working, flexible and convenient operation.

*Temperature value, vacuum pressure value, working time and remaining time are displayed on the touch screen.

*The inside of the box and the shelf are made of imported high-quality mirror stainless steel, which is beautiful and hygienic.

*The vacuum box is made of imported high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, processed by CNC machine tools, welded and formed, strong and beautiful, and imported from the United States with precision ball valves and quick connectors to make it leak-free.

*The gas circuit adopts high-quality corrugated hose and stainless steel pipe connection, which realizes the connection with the vacuum tank without leakage, and the operation is simple.

*Using solenoid valve components (imported from Italy) to quickly switch the gas path, one-to-one control.

*The main components adopt imported high-quality products, which are durable and stable.

*The exterior of the oven is treated with baking paint, which is not easy to peel off, and has a beautiful and generous appearance.

technical parameter: 

*Temperature range: ambient temperature +0~+180℃ 

*Temperature resolution: 0.1℃

*Temperature fluctuation: ≦± 2 ℃

*Temperature uniformity: ≦± 2 ℃

* Heating time: ambient temperature ~ 140℃, heating time≦30min, temperature overshoot <5℃, with over-temperature alarm device.

*Vacuum degree: The vacuum degree of the vacuum tank: ≦0.007mbar when no-load, the leakage rate of the box ≦1X10-6 mbar*1/s (according to the vacuum capacity of the vacuum pump).

*Capacity: 180 capacitors (calculated based on 60.138) for one baking.

*Working voltage: three-phase 380V/50Hz

*Total power: 8KW

*Weight: 600KG

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