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CNC roll groove pre-sealing machine

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  • Release date:2020-07-31 10:38:53
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Product Name:  CNC Roll Groove Pre-sealing Machine      Aluminum Shell Battery Roll Groove Sealing Machine

main feature:

*The rolling groove and sealing are driven by a servo motor with high precision, accurate control of the feed distance and stable speed, and there is no rebound phenomenon of the feed (the cylinder will rebound under the compression resistance).

Super capacitor roll groove sealing machine, sealing and other dimensions can be set through the man-machine interface, and automatically and precisely adjusted to the required data.

*The sealing pressing speed first changes from rapid feed to slow and slow curling;

*The product is clamped and fixed by a jacket, which is stable without shaking, high centering coaxiality, rolling groove, uniform sealing, and good out-of-roundness.

*Adopt high-precision linear guide rail group to guide the feed, high precision of rolling groove sealing and stable size;

*PLC control, man-machine interface display, easy to form automation.

*Use outer cover for intelligent protection, safe and reliable to use.
*Geometric design, exquisite and beautiful appearance, easy to operate

technical parameter

*Suitable for diameter 60 series batteries and super capacitor products (diameter can be customized)

*Capacitor height after sealing: ±0.05mm;

*Height accuracy of rolling groove: ±0.05mm

*Roll groove depth accuracy: ±0.02mm

*Using mold roller rolling groove method;

*Service life: The normal service life of tooling and mould reaches more than 5 million times.

*Capacity: ≥3PCS

*Utilization rate: 98%

*Air source: 0.5~0.7MPa adjustable

*Air consumption: 0.2m³/min

*Power supply: 220V/50HZ

*Power: 2.5KW

*Dimensions: L1200mm *W 1000mm * 1700mm;

*Weight: 800kg



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