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Automatic film drying machine MRX-TMH250

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  • Release date:2020-07-30 17:10:21
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Product name: Automatic film drying machine MRX-TMH250

Products are widely used in the research of various high-temperature coating films, such as ceramic films, crystalline films, battery material films, and special nano-films; they can adapt to the development of science and technology for film formation under high temperature conditions in the future.


 *Using large area uniform heating to ensure high precision and uniform temperature in the cavity;

* Flat coating, motor-driven scraper coating, stable and adjustable coating speed;

*The coating film speed is adjustable. The vacuum aluminum pan can quickly place or remove copper foil, aluminum foil, etc., built-in vacuum pump or connected to an external vacuum source, and the substrate is adsorbed without deformation; 
*Standard film dispenser, high coating precision, coating Adjustable cloth thickness;

*Can be used in the glove box, easy to operate and small in size, which can save space;

*PLC. Touch screen control for easy parameter setting:


technical parameter

 *Coating method: flat coating, standard MRX-TM100 film maker (can be enlarged), optional scraper, wire rod and other gauges

(Manual scraping);

*The coating width is adjustable from 6.4-100mm, the coating stroke is about 250mm, and the stroke is steplessly set and adjusted in the touch screen;

*Coating drive: motor drive, the coating speed is steplessly set and adjusted in the touch screen;

*Coating speed: 0~120mm/sec (such as lithium iron phosphate slurry); 
*Vacuum plate: aluminum plate with vacuum; 
*Vacuum plate size: L365mm×W200mm×H32mm; 
*Scraper adjustable range: 0~6mm adjustable ;

*Accuracy: ±3μm, optional display 1μm dial indicator  
* Heating drying system: room temperature ~ 150℃, digital display temperature controller, accuracy ±1℃

*Include 1 built-in oil-free vacuum pump; 
*Power supply: 220V/50Hz;

*Weight: 50KG;

*Dimensions: L505mm×W355mm×H325mm;


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