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Heating flat film coating machine MRX-DTM260 (bottom heating)

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  • Release date:2020-07-31 14:44:20
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Product name: Heating flat film coating machine

It is widely used in the research of various high temperature coating films, such as ceramic films, crystal films, battery material films, and special nano films; it can adapt to the development of science and technology for film formation under high temperature conditions in the future. Automatic film coating machine 


*Drying heating, digital display temperature control, working temperature 130℃;

*Digital display timer, drying time can be set freely;

*The coating speed is adjustable within the range of 0~120mm/sec (lithium iron phosphate slurry);
*Vacuum aluminum plate, can quickly place or remove the substrate;
*The stroke can be adjusted by the stroke switch between 0~250mm;
*With a scraper for adjusting the thickness of the coating film (precision 0.01mm);

*Small size, can save space;

*Exquisite appearance, the sheet metal adopts three-dimensional geometric design, which is simple and beautiful;


technical parameter


*Film coating speed: 0~120mm/sec (lithium iron phosphate paste);

*The stroke can be adjusted by the stroke switch between 0~250mm;

*Vacuum plate: aluminum plate with vacuum;
*Vacuum plate size: L365mm×W200mm×H32mm;
*Scraper adjustable range: 0~3.5mm;
*Heating drying system: room temperature~130℃, digital display temperature controller, accuracy ± 1℃

*Includes 1 oil-free vacuum pump;
*Power supply: 220V/50Hz;

*Weight: 49KG;

*Dimensions: L505mm×W355mm×H325mm


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