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Automatic film drying machine MRX-TM800

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  • Release date:2020-07-31 14:45:38
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Product Name:  Automatic Film Dryer MRX-TM800     

This product is a 800mm long cast coating machine, including a vacuum suction cup and an oil-free vacuum pump, and a scraper can produce long thick films. With a unique automatic propulsion device, it can produce smooth coatings on any material within a width of 150mm and a length of 800. It is an ideal tool for low-cost research and development of 18650 battery electrode materials.



*Strong wind circulation drying heating, digital display temperature control, working temperature 130℃;

*Digital display timer, drying time can be set freely;

*The coating speed is adjustable within the range of 0~120mm/sec;
*Vacuum aluminum plate can quickly place or remove the substrate;
*The stroke can be adjusted by the stroke switch between 0~800mm;
*With adjustment of the coating thickness ( Scraper with precision 0.01mm);

*Small size, can save space;

*Exquisite appearance, the sheet metal adopts three-dimensional geometric design, which is simple and beautiful;


technical parameter

 *Film coating speed: 0~120mm/sec;

*The stroke can be adjusted by the stroke switch between 0~800mm.
*Vacuum plate: aluminum plate with vacuum;
*Vacuum plate size: L900mm×W200mm×H32mm;
*Scraper adjustable range: 0~3.5mm;
*Heating drying system: room temperature~130℃, digital display temperature controller, accuracy ± 1℃

*Includes 1 oil-free vacuum pump;
*Power supply: 220V/50Hz;

*Power: 1.8KW

*Weight: 70KG;

*Dimensions: L1000mm×W355mm×H325mm;


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