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Automatic film coating machine MRX-TM300

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Product Name:  Automatic Film Coating MachineMRX-TM300

Automatic film coating machine is widely used in various coating research, such as ceramic film, crystal film, battery material film, special nano film. Adjust with a micrometer to achieve the thickness of the film to be coated. The instrument is equipped with a precise adjustable film device, and the moving push rod pushes it to move at a constant speed to achieve the uniformity of the slurry coating on the substrate. This equipment is particularly suitable for making battery substrates, which can ensure the substrate The density of the positive/negative electrode material in each part of the sheet is uniform. 



*The coating speed is adjustable within the range of 0~150mm/sec;

*Vacuum aluminum tray, which can quickly place or remove the substrate;

*It can be adjusted in the range of 0~300mm;

*With micron-level adjustable film applicator (scale 10um), scraper with a width of 100mm;

*Small size, can save space;

*Exquisite appearance, the sheet metal adopts three-dimensional geometric design, which is simple and beautiful;


technical parameter

*Film coating speed: 0~100mm/sec;

*Coating width: 0~150mm (customizable)
*Travel: 300mm;

*Coating thickness accuracy: ±3um
*Vacuum plate: aluminum plate with vacuum (convenient for substrate adsorption) 

*Built-in vacuum pump;
*Vacuum plate size: L410mm×W200mm×H30mm;
*Scraper adjustable range: 0~3.5mm;
*Power supply: 220V/50Hz;

*Weight: 48KG;

*Dimensions: L549mm×W305mm×H335mm;


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