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Secondary molding sealing machine

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Product Name: Secondary Molding Sealing Machine

main feature:

*Using mold ring clamping and sealing, so that the side wall of the O-ring position of the shell is carried out in an all-round clamping and clamping mode. After the sealing, the side size of the shell changes slightly, and the sealing is uniform to ensure air tightness;

*Using precision mold guide posts and guide sleeves for guidance, with extremely high guiding accuracy to ensure the parallelism of the upper and lower molds;

*The pressurized cylinder control mold has a large and stable output for sealing the capacitor, and does not require the troublesome pollution of the hydraulic system to refuel, and it is easy to form automation;

*The sealing height of the super capacitor is adjustable to suit products of different specifications;

*The sealing pressure, the holding time can be adjusted;

*The equipment adopts PLC control system to ensure stable and reliable work and easy operation.

*Color touch screen LCD display operation, intuitive viewing of equipment parameter settings.

*The frame is welded with high-quality steel, welded firmly, polished and clean, and the surface is beautifully painted.

* Equipped with safety grating and protective door, the equipment operation is safe and reliable.

technical parameter:

*Applicable products: diameter 60 batteries, super capacitor cells (diameter can be customized);

*The size change of the sealing shell: ≦±0.03mm;

*The height accuracy of the capacitor after sealing is ≦0.1mm;

*The sealing and flanging process adopts mold sealing method;

*Service life: The normal service life of the tooling and mould must reach more than 5 million times.


*Capacity: ≥3PCS;

*Utilization rate: 98%;

*Air source: 0.5~0.7MPa adjustable;

*Power supply: 220V/50HZ;

*Air consumption: 0.4 m³/min.

*Power: 500W;

*Dimensions: L650mm *W 600mm * 1900mm;

*Weight: 500kg;



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