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How to judge the function of lithium battery testing equipment

2020-06-18 11:52:01

 With the development of new energy, the application of lithium batteries is becoming more and more extensive. This also requires higher and higher testing requirements for lithium batteries. So how to judge the function of lithium battery testing equipment ?


Lithium battery testing equipment functions mainly determines the merits of the following:

  1. Test accuracy

  (Such as 0.05%FS+0.05%RD, 0.1%FS+0.1%RD)

  The smaller the value, the higher the accuracy of the test, and the smaller the error between the data test value and the actual value.

  2. Current response time, switching time

  (Such as 100ms, 10ms, 1ms, etc.), the smaller the value, the faster the current climb or the switching speed in the working condition. But faster response, switching time, often means cost improvement.

  3. Frequency of data collection

  (Such as 10HZ, 1HZ, etc.), the higher the frequency, the faster the data collection, the more precise the voltage and current values, and the more precise and accurate the capacity calculation.

  4. Hardware scalability

  The equipment test channel parallel function, the current multiplier is expanded, and the utilization cost is reduced.

  5. Software function

  Such as graphical interface, free editing process, security maintenance, support for multiple protocols, etc. Generally, the more generous the better.

  6. Auxiliary function

  Such as GGS, BMS, BBS, auxiliary voltage, temperature, air pressure, flow, fire monitoring, etc., generally the more abundant the better.

  7. Input power quality

  High power factor and low harmonic distortion rate have little impact on the power grid.

  8. Volume

  Width*Depth*Height (mm), generally the smaller the better, saving space.

  9. Noise

  dB, generally the smaller the better.


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