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Intermittent experimental coating machine MRX-SY300-1J

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  • Release date:2020-07-30 16:32:16
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Product name:  intermittent experimental coating machine      laboratory coating machine

The intermittent experimental coater is a three-roll transfer coating equipment, which can be used for continuous and intermittent coating, and is convenient to apply to various substrate surface coating processes. Especially used in the lithium-ion battery industry, the equipment is designed to be convenient for researchers to use, and to meet the requirements of coating accuracy and consistency, which is no different from production. The drying effect is excellent. It is a lithium-ion battery, super capacitor, nickel battery and others. Ideal for secondary battery development and small trials.



*It can be switched freely to realize continuous and intermittent coating;

*Substrate tension control, stable tape travel, equipped with deviation correction device;

*Hot-air oven, upper and lower double-sided blowing, high-quality drying effect;

*Three-roll transfer coating, with a wider coating window;

*Comma squeegee measurement, with precision adjustment mechanism, to obtain high coating precision;

*PLC control, touch screen operation, convenient and easy to use;

*Optional solvent recovery processing device


technical parameter

*power supply

Single-phase voltage AC220V±10% (110VAC can be customized), frequency 50Hz/60Hz, power 5KW

*Gas source

0.5-0.8MPa compressed air

*Use environment

Recommended ambient temperature is 25±3℃, humidity is 30~90RH, no vibration and electromagnetic interference

*Coating type

Continuous coating, intermittent coating

*Guide roller width


*Coating width


*Mechanical speed


*Coating accuracy

Better than ±3μm (Edge error ±5μm)

*Coating thickness

Depending on the size of the paste, 30~200μm

*Thickness adjustment

Manual free adjustment, dial indicator display accuracy 1μm

*Coating length

Single piece Max.5000mm, blank 10~100mm, accuracy ±0.5mm

*Drying unit

Standard hot air drying (infrared drying and UV curing can be customized), single section 800mm long

*Drying temperature

Max. 150±5℃, can be set

*Tension control

Max. 60N

*Reel diameter


* Winding accuracy


*Outer size and weight of coating equipment: size L1750*W1000*H1200mm  

*Weight: Approximately: 900KG with caster base

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