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Slurry filter device MRX-GL-1

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  • Release date:2020-07-30 17:15:40
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Product name: Slurry filter device     Battery slurry filter device

The filter device is mainly used in a special filter designed for laboratory samples to filter out various hard particles with a particle size of not less than 124 microns in the slurry. The whole machine has beautiful design and is flexible and convenient to use.



 * High filtration accuracy, up to 124 microns, equipped with two types of particle filters, positive and negative.

* All SUS304 stainless steel design, good corrosion resistance, easy to clean and clean.

* The filter screen with larger filter area makes the pressure loss very low and the equipment is durable.

* Small size and convenient operation.

* Beautiful appearance, easy maintenance, molding and other advantages.


technical parameter

*Filter dimensions: 145×150×200mm

*Overall dimensions of air generator: 140×70×150mm

*Weight: 4Kg

*Power adapter: AC 220V±10% 50HZ

*Vacuum degree: 65KPa

*Air pump flow: 3L/Min

*With filter screen: filter screen 80, 100, 150 mesh

*Optional filter: below 1000 mesh

*Capacity: 500ml


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