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Planetary vacuum mixer MRX-XJB-4

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  • Release date:2020-07-29 06:44:03
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Product Name: PlanetaryVacuum Mixer         Lithium Battery Vacuum Mixer

Vacuum mixing and dispersion are integrated high-efficiency equipment, suitable for the positive and negative slurry mixing process, as well as the mixing of powdered materials and various ceramics in the battery experiment process; because the stirring is completed in a vacuum state, it is completely bubble-free, so it improves The filling of the material and the compactness of the model.



 *Vacuum environment, effectively eliminate the bubbles generated during the mixing process, this machine comes with a vacuum system;

*The equipment is preferentially equipped with dual-shaft planetary stirring paddles and optional single-shaft blade stirring paddles. Different stirring shaft forms and combinations are configured according to the size of the stirring tank, so that the material is tossed up and down, so that the slurry is mixed quickly and evenly

*The design of forward and reverse stirring function can realize high-speed stirring of higher viscosity slurry, and the stirring uniformity is good. The stirring motor adopts stepping motor PLC frequency speed control. Different speed and torque can be selected according to different processes and different viscosities. Multi-stage speed operation, the stirring speed and time of each stage can be set;

*Multi-stage speed operation can be carried out, and the stirring speed and time of each stage can be set;

* Bracket design, easy to operate, to ensure safety during the vacuum mixing process;

*Small size, can save space;

*Exquisite appearance, using three-dimensional geometric design, simple and beautiful;


technical parameter


*Power supply voltage: AC220V

*Rated power: 200W

*Stirring speed: MAX600 rpm;

*Multi-stage function: three-stage speed can be set;

*Built-in vacuum pump, vacuum degree -0.08Mpa, maintain 2H without obvious pressure drop.

*Standard twin-shaft screw agitator, others are designed according to the tank body;

*Accessories volume: 150ml~500ml vacuum stirring tank;

*Mixing time: 0~600min can be set

*The size of the whole machine: about 335m×325mm×575mm (length×width×height);

*Weight of the whole machine: about 35kg.


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