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Hydraulic roller machine MRX-DG300

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  • Release date:2020-07-30 16:23:32
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Product name: Hydraulic roller       machineVertical hydraulic roller machine

The hydraulic balance electric pair roll machine is aimed at high-precision rolling of positive and negative plates in the battery industry. The equipment has good horizontal and vertical rolling uniformity, and the appearance of the rolled product is high-quality. The equipment is provided by the hydraulic system to provide pressure for roll rolling. It is suitable for Where there is a higher requirement for the consistency of rolling force and rolling gap. 


*Integral gantry frame, CNC precision machining to ensure high precision and high stability;

*The roll is made of imported cold-rolled chromium-molybdenum material, and the surface is chromium-plated and cryogenically treated by heat treatment, with high internal and external hardness and good wear resistance;

*The hydraulic system imported from the United States automatically controls the rolling pressure;

*Patent design hydraulic balance rolling mechanism, stable pressure holding, good horizontal and vertical rolling uniformity;

*Slanted block type roll gap adjustment device, display adjustment;


technical parameter

*Rolling force: Max25t.

*Mechanical speed Max.6m/min

*Work roll: Diameter: Ф200 mm; Material: 9Cr3Mo

*Surface hardness HRC65~68, internal hardness HRC60-62, roughness Ra≤0.4, round runout better than ±2μm

*Roller surface width: 330 mm

*Press down type: hydraulic

*Rolling accuracy: ±1.5μm

*Rolling mill opening: 2 mm

*Reducer and sub-gear box: combined

*Rolling mill motor: AC variable frequency motor

*The single reduction of the lithium electrode sheet is 20%~30%, if it is thinner, it needs to be rolled several times (5μm/time)

*Using environment: recommended environment temperature 25±3℃, humidity 30~90RH, no vibration and electromagnetic interference

*Overall installation dimensions: length 1400mm width 500mmX height 1300mm

*Voltage: 220V 2KW

*0.5-0.8MPa compressed air

*Weight: about 600KG


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