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Button battery pneumatic sealing machine MRX-QF150

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  • Release date:2020-07-31 06:46:30
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Product name: button battery pneumatic sealing machine

It is applied to the production of samples for the research and development of battery materials in the laboratory for button batteries and capacitor scientific research sealing, and can also be used for small batch trial production in factories. It adopts electric mode and saves effort. It can also be used for dry powder tableting, wet powder tableting, compression molding, riveting and other operations with different molds. A set of molds for CR20 series button batteries such as CR2032, CR2025, CR2016, etc.



*The lower mold is limited by a high-precision positioning ring to control the battery packaging height, so as to avoid excessive and unstable packaging pressure, which may cause damage to the battery and the sealing cup.

*The inner ring of the upper mold sealing cup is equipped with a screw spring centering mechanism to ensure that in case the battery is stuck and cannot be removed during sealing, the button battery can be forced out by twisting the top screw.

* Compressed air or inert gas cylinders are used to supply air. The compressed air exhaust is connected to prevent damage to the glove box atmosphere.

*Precision mold design ensures accurate and reliable sealing forming, solid steel structure design, stable and safe use.

*Pure pneumatic operation, no electricity, convenient and easy to use;


technical parameter

*Air source: 0.6~0.8MPa argon, nitrogen gas cylinder, or compressed air (compressed air is not recommended in the glove box)

*Exhaust design: specially designed exhaust port, which can be connected externally through KF40 and other devices

*Air consumption: about 480ml of air consumption for a single seal

*Sealing pressure: manual control valve control, pressure 1MPa, recommended pressure 0.7MPa, accuracy within ±0.5%

*Sealing stroke: 30mm

*Dimensions: 295mm X 200mm X 335mm

*Weight: 30kg.


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