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Solvent treatment system MRX-NMP-1

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  • Release date:2020-07-31 14:13:20
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Product Name: Solvent Treatment System

It is mainly used in the filtration treatment of the solvent in the exhaust gas generated during the drying process of the coating machine to achieve the functions of dust removal and exhaust gas purification.



 * Water bath principle, recycling NMP waste gas during coating process;

* Two-stage water bath treatment unit, good for NMP and dust recovery;

* Active self-priming air intake, can be directly added to tap water for use;

* The stainless steel fully welded inner tank has good corrosion resistance, and the powder-sprayed shell is beautiful and generous;

* The recovered solution is pumped out electrically, and the explosion-proof operation box design is safe and easy to use;


technical parameter

 *Working mode: continuous work

*Processing capacity: 600m3/h

*Inlet temperature: ≤150℃

*Recovery rate: ≥80%

*Recycling object: water-soluble solvent gas

*Processing object: gas

*Processing range: water-based solvent

*Contact material: SUS304 stainless steel

*Gas emission: external pipeline

*Access air volume: 600m3/h

*Temperature: 0-40℃

*Vibration and shock: no obvious vibration source around

*Explosion-proof: explosion-proof treatment of the equipment itself

*Three-phase 380V, 50Hz

*Power: 1.5KW

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