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Viscosity Tester MRX-NDJ5S

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  • Release date:2020-07-31 14:48:05
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Product name: Viscosity Tester MRX-NDJ5S

Viscosity tester is used to measure the viscosity of various fluids such as grease, paint, coating, medicine, food, cosmetics, adhesives, etc. It can also be used to measure the viscosity and viscosity of liquids.



It adopts 16-bit microprocessor core control circuit, without gear drive, RTD temperature probe monitors and measures the viscosity temperature in real time, the blue screen LCD digital display directly displays the viscosity, speed, percentage torque, rotor number and the selected rotor at the current speed. Measured viscosity value. The key is eye-catching, the speed is stable, and the measurement is accurate. Equipped with RTD temperature probe and RS232C standard output interface. After connecting to a PC, the data can be saved, compared and recorded (optionally equipped with a fully automated data acquisition function through the PC interface).


technical parameter

 *Measuring range: 10mPa•s~100000mPa•s

*Rotation speed: 6, 12, 30, 60 (rev/min)

*Number of rotors: 4 types of rotors of 1, 2, 3, 4 are randomly configured (No. 0 rotor is optional)

*Measurement accuracy: ±1.0%

*Reproducibility: 0.50%

*Power source: power adapter (input 220V 50±1Hz, output 15V 1.2A)

*External dimensions: length × width × height: 280 × 105 × 258mm (without bracket)

*Weight of the whole machine: about 1.5kg.


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