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How many key points should be paid attention to in the control of lithium battery production equipment?

2020-06-15 15:30:55

      How many key points should be paid attention to in the control of lithium battery production equipment ?

for the coating machine made in the previous stage, the width, thickness, gap length, and width of the slurry to be applied are more important.

  The pole piece made of pole piece is rolled, and the thickness of the rolled pole material must be strictly controlled.

  When filling liquid, its Haiba pump requires high liquid injection accuracy, otherwise it will have a great impact on battery capacity and internal resistance.

  The problem of chemical composition and volume equipment is not too big. When it is critical, the vacuum exhauster must ensure that the air is clean on the one hand, but also pay attention to the maintenance of equipment performance, especially the problem of electrolyte corrosion.

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