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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of battery chargers?

2019-06-06 11:40:37

1. When charging, the power indicator is on and the charging indicator is orange. First, please check whether the output plug of the battery charging motor and the charging plug of the battery box are inserted tightly. If it is confirmed that there is no problem (Emerson), you can check whether the fuse tube on the battery box is open or the fuse holder is loose and the contact is bad (loose wiring). In addition, some models can only be charged after turning on the battery lock.

       2. Severe heat, and even the phenomenon of shell burning and deformation, which is mainly caused by the loosening of some components caused by some users often carrying them with the car. The battery internal resistance tester has undergone an online test. It can display and record the voltage, internal resistance, capacity and other important parameters of a single or multiple groups of batteries, effectively pick out backward batteries, and can interact with computers and special battery data management software. Test statements, follow the decay trend of the battery, and provide maintenance recommendations. It is suitable for maintenance and inspection of storage batteries in communication base stations, substations and UPS. Used for battery acceptance, battery grouping and routine inspection. The battery capacity tester can convert electrical energy into chemical energy and store it inside the battery through a proper charging process, and can cycle these two processes hundreds of times. The current standard No. 5 and No. 7 rechargeable batteries mainly include three types of cadmium nickel, nickel hydrogen, andlithium batteries . The most important goal for measuring battery performance is battery capacity. Therefore, Pangda produced a battery capacity tester to test rechargeable batteries.


      3. The power indicator light is off, and the charging indicator light is off. Check whether the battery charger motor input power plug is connected to the mains. You can plug the battery charger input plug into a normal power socket. (Condi tion) still, open the case, and investigate one-whether the fuse in the machine is broken, if it is not broken, first check whether the power input line is outstanding, and remove the fault of the power input line. ) After that, check whether the components adjacent to the high-voltage area on the Printed Circuit Board are soldered, and whether the fuse holder has poor contact (loose wiring). Check the transformer (air pressure variable) key (zhong dian) Whether T1, triode V1, V2, etc. have virtual welding. When using the battery tester, put the nickel-metal hydride battery or lithium battery to be tested in the tester, adjust the various targets, and perform the test, and then the battery voltage, internal resistance, capacity, charge, discharge, and overcurrent can be tested , Short circuit protection moment. After the test is completed, press the "Print" button to print out a small printer-a test statement similar to a taxi ticket, which can show the battery type, voltage, capacity, test unit, time and eligibility.



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